Liz Lytle

Viral Content Creator

After graduating from the Northwestern University Film Program, Liz landed her first job working on one of the most well known fitness programs in history - P90X.  For the following decade she used her skills as the lead editor on the majority of Beachbody’s catalogue - as well as projects working with Billy Blanks, Jane Fonda, Bob Harper, among many others!

Creator / Producer / Director / Editor

"She has the production experience, temperment, and people skills necessary to make great stuff!"

      ~Kevin McShane

        (20 year Buzzfeed Creator)

Soon after, she began developing programs themselves, directing content, and producing for herself as well as many other clients.  She’s been in front of camera, directed, produced and edited thousands of videos over the years.  Now she brings her skills of fast-paced promo and music edits to product consulting, pitches, social media and any live-shot content.  

She has further honed her comedic  style to Buzzfeed's world-renown content.  Her specialities include bringing out on-camera talent’s natural sparkle and allowing for life to happen in live videos, as well as using her “editor brain” in the moment to be sure ideas will work in the edit bay and especially for the end user!

Hobbies include snowboarding, yoga, and interior design.