Buzzfeed, Los Angeles, CA               Viral Producer / Lead Editor

     Creative producing and line producing for series – Mom in Progress, Draw Off, I Draw You Cook, Eating Your Feed, among others

     Working directly with Hannah Williams (Wine Mom), Chef Rie, Chef Alexis, Quinta Brunson

     Lead editing video series, promos and pods

     Creating brand story from raw footage, developing graphics, choosing audio landscape

     Start to finish solo production – creative, execution, post

Tigress Media, Los Angeles, CA

Director / Producer / Lead Editor               

     Consulting on program content and product development

     Targeting and retaining clients

     Editing all series, promos and trailers, internal videos

     Creating and communicating regarding estimates, schedules and budgets

Morfboard, Los Angeles, CA

Director / Producer / Marketing Consultant          

     Producing and directing promos and long form documercials

     Consulting on marketing, product, brand, completing extensive product testing

     Conducting on camera interview with experts

Livestrong Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Production & Post-Production Consultant          

     Consulting with producers on best practices

     Training all Post-Production Staff

     Coordinating all post-production staff

     Consulting on production, post, marketing and client relations

Daily Burn, Los Angeles, CA

Promo Producer / Lead Editor               

     Managing schedule and budget for other editors, assistants and all freelance staff

     Directing talent rehearsal sessions, leading talent through camera training on stage and in post bay

     Finalizing edits and running director edit sessions

     Developing creative, producing and cutting all trailers and promos

Watch It Now, Los Angeles, CA

Director / Producer / Post-Production Manager          

     Working directly with Billy Blanks, Bob Harper, Jane Fonda, Georges St. Germaine in development

     Directing Bob Harper “Inside Out” series

     Managing all assets – hiring freelance staff for motion graphics, logos, theme songs

     Developing creative, producing and cutting promos and trailers

Beachbody, Los Angeles, CA

Lead Editor / Promo Producer               

     Managing schedule and budget for other editors, assistants and all freelance staff

     Working directly with talent, including P90X's Tony Horton, DDP, among others

     Finalizing edits and running director edit sessions

     Editing all trailers and promos

     On-set post-production consultant


BS in Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL                              

     Post-Production Emphasis

Double Major in Theatre, Minor in Philosophy


Computer:  Premiere, After Effects, All Creative Cloud, Word, Excel